Bodegas José Pariente


Special Cuvée

Exciting intensity in a new definition of the Verdejo

Special Cuvée

The search for an original and different Verdejo, along with an analysis of new production techniques, has led us to create a wine of thrilling depth whose genesis combines rigorous work in the vineyards with innovative elaboration in oval concrete tanks.

The grapes are from a vineyard more than 35 years old, with traditional head-pruned vines, in the Camino del Puerto area of La Seca. The strictest controls to ensure low yields and careful selection of the grapes both in the field and in the winery give a raw material of excellent quality.

Our oval concrete-clay tanks are the key to the elaboration process, and an ideal response to the ongoing study of the new possibilities of the Verdejo variety. Their shape and the temperature gradient between different heights create a circular flow that aids the work of the lees. They also allow us to work with less sulphite, give better protection to the wine and make it possible to age it longer without oxidation.

The Special Cuvée is a wine of exceptional complexity, with an impressive smoothness, an elegantly silky texture and a minerality hitherto unknown in a Verdejo.