Bodegas José Pariente


Special Cuvée

Exciting intensity in a new definition of the Verdejo

Special Cuvée

The search for a different and elegant Verdejo, together with a century old vineyard and an innovative use of oval vats of clay, have given us this elegant Verdejo of great minerality and with a silky touch. 


The grapes come from an old pre-phylloxera vineyard planted in 1910 in the municipality of Hornillos de Eresma. The sandy soil of these old bush vines favors the retention of water ensuring a good maturation of the grape and maintenance of acidity. We are developing an ecological agriculture (currently in conversion), based on tillage and covering the soil with plants. 


Manual harvest in cases of 20 kilos that allows us to make a first selection of grapes in the vineyard. After a second selection at the selection table, we macerate the grapes for 12 hours at low temperature.

The oval vats of clay cement are the key of the process. They offer an ideal answer to the ongoing study of new possibilities for the Verdejo variety. Their shape and the difference in temperature at different heights create a circular current that makes easier the work of the lees. They also provide a better protection for the wine and offer the possibility to age it for longer without oxidation. Spontaneous fermentation followed by ageing on lees in these oval vats of concrete during 11 months. 


On the visual phase, a brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections can be appreciated.

On the nose the wine is fine and elegant, with a strong minerality.

On the palate it is a complex wine of smoothness and silky elegance, with a mineral touch that appears again.

The Special Cuvée is a wine of exceptional complexity, with an impressive smoothness, an elegantly silky texture and a minerality hitherto unknown in a Verdejo. 


Variety: Verdejo 100%

Alcohol: 13,5º

Volatile acidity: 0,38

Total acidity: 5.6 g/l

Botteling: October 2016

Ideal serving temperature: 8º C