Bodegas José Pariente


Winery of the Year


José Pariente Winery of the Year

Bodegas José Pariente has been awarded as Best Winery by the Academy of Gastronomy and Food in Castile and León. Thank you so much for this special award!

"Since the foundation of Bodegas José Pariente (D.O. Rueda), Mª Victoria Pariente has been able to keep her feet on the ground, being faithful to her roots and been able to give elegance and character to her winemaking style. Equipped with knowledge and experience, her journey in the world of wine, working at the Oenology Centre of Castile and León, her work with the vineyard, making different wines and managing her business, has resulted in this remarkable and consolidated winery."

  • Winery of the Year
  • Winery of the Year